Pro Medium ‘Deshedding’ Brush

Professional quality grooming brush, designed to offer fast, effective brushing whilst being kinder to the coat and skin. 

🐾 Double sided for greater versatility
🐾 Flexible to prevent brush burn and damage to healthy coat

🐾 Large pin pads for faster results 

🐾 Help Avery wrist and hand fatigue - even with prolonged use

How to use:

We recommend using the brush in a steady cyclical motion, lifting and straightening the coat as you work. Avoid brushing from side to side or over bending as this may dislodge the pin pads and damage the pins. 

Breeds suitable for:

🐾 Akita
🐾 Alaskan Malamute
🐾 Bernese Mountain Dog
🐾 Chow Chow
🐾 Newfoundland
🐾 Portuguese Water Dog
🐾 Samoyed
🐾 Giant Schnauzer

Currently used and highly recommended by Pawsons Dog Grooming Salon & Spa.

Pro Medium Flexible Slicker Brush (Purple)