Pawsons Teeth Cleaning 

Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning

From £15


  • Removes bacteria in your dogs mouth

  • Helps with bad breath

  • Removes tartar and build up of plaque

  • Can save putting your dog under anaesthetic at the vets and costly procedures

  • Stress free and does not hurt the enamel.

  • Good dental hygiene can help pro-long life expectancy

This service is pawfect for all dogs and maintenance sessions can be included with there scheduled grooms. 

Older dogs with a build up of tartar and plaque will need a course of initial sessions lasting 30 minutes, for best results these should be scheduled a week apart. This would be around 3-4 depending on build up on their teeth. After their teeth are clear of plaque and tartar maintenance sessions can be booked with their usual grooms.

We offer bulk booking discounts for initial and maintenance sessions.