Banish Dematting Spray - 100ml

🐾 Designed to unravel mats, knot and tangles 

🐾 Luscious fragrance

🐾 Improves manageability and aids drying times

🐾 Suitable as an anti-static spray that promotes softness, lustre and a high shine to the coat with added uv protection 

🐾 Helps form a barrier against dust, dirt, urine and other pollutants that may fade or damage coat


Currently used and highly recommended by Pawsons Dog Grooming Salon & Spa. 

To Use:  Dematting - Simply spray directly to the mats and brush/comb out. Finishing - Lightly mist onto dry coat and brush through to give a beautiful soft texture and high shine. 

Banish Dematting Spray - 100ml